The Southern Foodways Alliance

November 1, 2007 by seanbrock

img_1144_320x240.jpgimg_1133_320x240.jpgsoco_320x240.jpgs0c02_320x240.jpgimg_1168_320x240.jpgimg_1165_320x240.jpgimg_1164_320x240.jpgimg_1158_320x240.jpgimg_1155_320x240.jpgimg_1149_320x240.jpgimg_1147_320x240.jpgimg_1145_320x240.jpgI was fortunate enough to be a part of the 10th annual southern foodways alliance symposium in Oxford, MS.  A weekend filled with great discussions, bacon trees, the best fried catfish I have ever had, Ed Mitchell’s bbq, fried pig ears, boudin balls, bbq mutton, moonshine, 24 year old rye whiskey, hushpuppies, chicken on a stick from the chevron, a red ford focus rental car, hangovers, bourbon, beer, the genius of shirley corriher, peanuts, a bucket of jack daniels and sweet tea, the hospitality of john t edge, mary beth and john currence, jack daniels with carolina gold horchatta, trouble at the airport, the cuisine of bachanallia, the presence of alan benton and the company of some really, really cool people.  If your not a member, I highly suggest signing up right away…these events are incredible

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