Rice Variations


March 15, 2008 by seanbrock


I’ve had some new thoughts on rice recently.  I am still quite obsessed with cereal production.  We wanted to create a rice puff that was super light and airy…

We started by cooking the shit out of some nishiki rice and then we put it in the thermomix with some wheat dextrin.  We tried frying the dough right away and got the hollow puffs in the second picture.  We then smeared some on a scallop and seared it.  The scallop was really tasty and super crispy, maybe the crispiest crust I have ever experienced.  Then we dehydrated the mix and fried it.  The result was very similar to a pork rind.  All in all some good results but not exactly what I had in mind, funny how that works.  We will see what happens today.

6 thoughts on “Rice Variations

  1. dom barrett says:

    great, simple site youve got going here chef. I look forward to checking back and to seeing some of this on my plate next time im at your spot.


  2. rasta man no work for CIA says:

    call me. going to chucktown. wanna eat and drink jager. vs

  3. soussurvivor says:

    Chef – Im moving out east and would like to stop in for dinner. Im driving cross-country and dont really know when exactly Ill be in Charleston… any way of scheduling dinner in advance? (Ill be moving towards the end of may, early notice, i know…)

  4. chad says:

    If you could somehow crust something in the rice (such as the scallop) to be flaked off, you can call it a rice ‘peel-off’… I’d love to see that terminology twist on a menu.

  5. Colin says:

    Congrats on your nomination to JB.

  6. DC says:

    This project of yours inspired me to try some things with rice. I made grits by grinding rice in the coffee grinder and preparing it as I would grits. The texture was almost spot on. The flavor was very good. I added an egg yolk to give it color. One variation that worked well was to add a little wild rice and serve with grilled quail. Fun and tasty.

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