Broccoli Seeds


April 24, 2008 by seanbrock

these are very soft and pop like caviar, thought about using them on a fish course but it took thrity minutes to pick the seeds in the picture above…wish I had a few extra hands….


2 thoughts on “Broccoli Seeds

  1. Mitch L. says:

    Perhaps I could have picked them for you the night I staged, but seeing as how it took me 2 hours to clean the 20 lbs. of ramps the odds were against me. Thanks for the tip on the pure-dent, I look forward to staging again soon.

  2. Idea….dehydrate the seed casings at 109 for 2 hours (to make brittle), the put them in a paper bag, blow air into it and shake the hell out of it. Casings may fall away and seeds are left. Might work. hope your well family.

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