The 5th Anniversary of FIG


April 24, 2008 by seanbrock

FIG has always been my favorite restaurant in Charleston so when Mike Lata called me up and asked me if I would cook a course for his anniversary dinner I was thrilled.  It was really great to cook alongside such talented chefs.  This was a really, really good dinner…Below is the menu.


Hors d’ oeuvres

Craig Deihl, Cypress, Charleston


Crudo of Local Fish 3 Ways

Ken Vendrinski, Sienna, Daniel Island


Over Easy Ravioli with Carolina Morels, Fava Beans and Ramps

Mike Lata, FIG, Charleston


Softshell Crabs with Asparagus, Hedgehogs, and Anson Mills polenta Spin Rosso

Celina Tio, The American Restaurant, Kansas City, MO


Caw Caw Creek Suckling Pig with Carrots and Onions from Sean’s Garden

Sean Brock, McCrady’s, Charleston

Brown Sugar Hot Milk Cakes with Dulce de Leche-Mascorpone Cream and Boone Hall Strawberries

Lauren Mitterer, Red Drum, Mt. Pleasant

3 thoughts on “The 5th Anniversary of FIG

  1. hope I am invited next year
    it looked great

  2. chad says:

    How was the ravioli over easy done… looks and sounds highly interesting. Love it.
    I spoke to Chris Windus from bluezoo, and he said he was going to be in your kitchen for the Ideas in Food dinner… I’m totally jealous of that. Wish we could be there… either in the dining room or in the kitchen, although I’d opt for the kitchen.

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