Forono Beets


May 27, 2008 by seanbrock


these grow cylindrical instead of spherical…tonight we served them poached in strawberry consomme with whipped blue cheese, cocoa nibs and nasturtiums….we finished the dish with some hazelnut oil from jean marc and some Oregon hazelnuts…i was really happy with the simplicity of this dish….I

2 thoughts on “Forono Beets

  1. Nate Herndon says:

    Just learned of mikuni. Thanks, I’ll begin dealing with them soon. I am a chef in Wisconsin and am on your site often .keep it up, very intersting stuff. Love your garden too…wish I had that much space. Thanks again.

  2. wilburcoxjr says:

    i have been following this blog for a while, your work is awesome. I am a fellow chef from Baltimore, and love what your doing. Would you ever consider a Stage`. Check out my blog, and i added you to my blog roll. Rock on Sean..keep up the good work. Wilbur Cox Jr.

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