Messin Around with foie Gras


June 16, 2008 by seanbrock


discovered a new foie terrine technique…rather easy..


temper the foie and clean it….cure it for 24 hours…push it through a tammis and place it in a vac bag…seal the bag…and roll it out…chill overnight, then it’s super easy to portion…by the time this gets to the guest the texture is like soft, spreadable butter, when eaten it is really creamy and decadent…awesome


we played around with lots of summer flavors but the winner was nutella, peaches and black truffles….

goes on the menu tommorrow

3 thoughts on “Messin Around with foie Gras

  1. Colin says:

    Is the object of vac sealling it to compress the loosened protein in the same way a brick does on a traditional baked terrine?

  2. Eli says:

    Check it out. What Joel Antunes has always done is he will roll it out alot thinner, he then will cut the sheets to the size of a terrine mold. So he then can layer a terrine mold with the sheets of foie and can also lay a sheet of garnish in the middle. One of the old sets he did had an even sheet of gingerbread as well as an even sheet of grenadine poached butternut squash layered in

  3. gavakas says:

    after you place it in a vac bag you cook it in a water bath and then chill it? at what temperature?
    sounds very interesting..

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