July 13, 2008 by seanbrock

Since attempting to raise vegetables and pigs my daily checklists have changed a bit.

Fish Carcasses (tomatoes)

Egg Shells (tomatoes)

aspirin (tomatoes)

Bone Meal (tomatoes)

Lime (tomatoes)

organic fertilizer (tomatoes)

4 gallons sour milk (pigs)

2 gallons sour heavy cream (pigs)

2 large lexans of kitchen scrap (pigs)

water (me)

slim jims (me)


if you are curious about all the strange things for the tomatoes check out this site

Cynthia is one of the most talented tomato growers in the united states, if not the most talented, she is also the person responsible for all the crazy delicious vegetables for my favorite restaurant Manresa.

if Cynthia said to put toenails into the soil to get a better tomato I wouldn’t have any toenails


One thought on “Checklists

  1. Cynthia says:

    Flattered to see that you read my blog, at least the instructions on how I grow a tomato. Also glad to see that you’ve eschewed the tractors and the plastic mulch. Good for you.

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