Cooking Class


July 14, 2008 by seanbrock

I am doing a participation cooking demo at Charleston Cooks on July 31st.  Charleston cooks is right across the street from McCrady’s.  It’s only 60 bucks.  I will be focusing on vegetable cookery but will also touch base on some other things.  Seats are limited since it is a participation class.  This facility is amazing.  I look forward to seeing you in class….don’t be late!!


vegetable and fruit compression using the vac machine

vegetable and fruit infusion using a vaccuum

vegetable aeration using a vaccum

cryoblanching using liquid nitrogen and vaccum

cooking vegetables under vaccum in a pressure cooker

other ways to utuilize the pressure cooker to cook vegetables

creating a vegetable driven dish using lots of different ideas and theories

fish sous vide

vegetable cakes

using hydrocolloids to reshape vegaetables

using versa whip

frozen ice cream pearls using liquid nitrogen


should be a hoot


here is the link:

One thought on “Cooking Class

  1. uksousvide says:

    Hi Sean – this class seems wonderful – exactly what I’d love to learn. However I am in the UK so no chance of attending. Would you consider videoing it and putting it on YouTube or perhaps charging for access to it (as I realise you need to make a living!)

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