Whipporwill Field Peas


July 20, 2008 by seanbrock

this is one of my favorites

it’s an old pea introduced in the late 1800’s

the flavor when they are fresh is very earthy, almost like eating dirt, in a good way of course


these will be great with a truffle puree and some jean marc apple vinegar….with pork of course

we are going to grow a whole field of these this fall….lots of shelling to be done in the meantime, we just bought 4 and a half bushels from our friend Todd Blair, thanks to Randolph for helping us find Todd, whom we also got our piggies from

One thought on “Whipporwill Field Peas

  1. ajpguillet says:

    the history and the research blows my mind
    if I did not beleive in reincarnation I do now
    chef ! you are an old soul LOL

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