One more thing off the checklist


July 31, 2008 by seanbrock

I recently met a really cool chick named Winborne (no, not our pastry chef Winburn) who was nice enough to move her bee hives to our garden.  This will make a huge difference in our pollination rate.  Just in time for the tomatoes, squash, peas, beans, and cucumbers.  I can’t thank Winborne enough for her genorosity.  If anyone wants to learn about bee keeping and honey production please feel free to email me and we can set up a time for you to visit them, although the are very busy bees.  I am so excited to eat this honey, gotta go, I have to search the internet for a bee suit…I think that’s what they are called 🙂

8 thoughts on “One more thing off the checklist

  1. Charles Drayton says:

    Wow! Is this Sean that runs McCradys? This site is pretty dope I dont think been round these parts of the interweb. Im Sarah Flynn Draytons brother in law from the POHo. Just wanted to see if my fiance and I can really come dine wicha. If you check this come up to the POHo tonite is my last night b/f we fly. Peace and Happyness.
    Charles Drayton

  2. Mama Brock says:

    I think your Gran probably has some equipment for bee robbing….will ask her.

  3. Mitch L says:

    Sign me up!

  4. Matthew Brown says:

    I’ve got some raw, wild Maine blueberry honey from a local farmer that is rocking!

  5. chadzilla says:

    How coincidental. I was just watching the “king of the hill” episode last night where Dale attempts beekeeping to sell honey at a farmer’s market, and inadvertantly create’s a trend for curing illnesses with bee stings. One of my uncle’s was a beekeeper in my youth, and I remember the freshness of the honey and the amazement of him walking among all those bees.

  6. seanbrock says:

    charles…yes this is sean from mccrady’s..I Look forward to cooking for you

    mom…that would be awesome

    mitch…you know where to find me

    matt….send me some of that honey!

    chadzilla….king of the hill rocks

  7. Zach (QAR) says:

    Sean, Just when you think Seans done it all, along comes a bee hive! Do you think there will be any issues with cross polination. If one Species of Doli-whos Gets some From A Different Species of What-Evers.

  8. winborne says:

    looking forward to another rocking bee season on the mcCrady’s farm! keep up the great work sean. got some honey on the way!!! and if you are sore from being over worked i can sharpen my bee sting therapy skills…don’t worry i am certified;-) see you soon and thank you

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