August 17, 2008 by seanbrock

I have always wanted to be able to create bubbles like you get when you are washing dishes.  I finally figured it out and the results were pretty damn funny.  This is salsa consomme that got a little out of hand.  I was messing with this during service and turned my back on it for two minutes and this is what happened.  The bubbles held the shape of the container and were so light you could barely get them into your mouth while still retaining the flavor of spicy tomato salsa.  The food additive is soy lecithin…Up until today we had shelved lecithin…sometimes it pays to knock the dust off..


5 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. kindageeky says:

    Curious why you originally shelved the lecithin, I had problems with it until I got a little more scientific with the proportion … overdoing it left me with foamless oily lecithing goo. Another example of culinary restraint I suppose.

  2. Al says:

    I’ve never been able to get that sort of volume of bubbles out of soy lecithin. Any secrets, or what concentration are you using?

  3. Jeremy says:

    I have been trying foams with soy lecithin this week…I am running into problems with the liquid sort of thickening and a light foam forming on the top. I certainly cannot get close to this kind of result. I am currently adding the lecithin to the liquid and then immersion blending. The product you show there – while a little zany – is awesome…

  4. Barzelay says:

    Jeremy, I was getting that result (thickening the liquid and getting just a bit of foam at the top) when I added way too much lecithin. It’s a forgiving additive, but the times when that happened were the early experiments, where I would keep adding a bit more lecithin and see what happened. That result occurred by the time I ended up adding like five to ten times as much lecithin as I now do.

  5. Katie says:

    Were you using liquid or powdered lecithin? I’ve found great results with liquid, and have even frozen the foam…it keeps its form and makes a great amuse!

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