The Richard Blais Dinner


September 5, 2008 by seanbrock

On August 31st we hosted chef Blais for our guest chef series.  I first me Richard almost 5 years ago at his restaurant “Blais”.  I can honestly remember the entire menu, it was that good.  Richard was one of the first chefs in america to start pushing the boundries.  My first dinner with him was truly inspirational.  I recall sitting in the dining room eating the most creative food I had ever seen in the south thinking to myself this guy is crazy!!  Crazy is an admirable way of course.  After sitting thru that meal and seeing how much fun people were having around me I knew I had to finally let my guard down and cook the food that was inside my head.  I owe alot to Chef Blais for that experience.  

This dinner was a flat out success.  Seeing that many people in our restaurant having such a great time was a wonderful feeling.  I really enjoy bringing talented chefs to Charleston so the locals can experience food from other chefs and other cities.  We have many more dinners planned.  In fact the next dinner isn’t even a chef….even better, he makes bourbon.  Not just any bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon…but more on that later.   

I have to also thank all of the volunteers that came from Atlanta and Charleston to help out during this dinner….with out you this dinner would have been very difficult. So, many thanks, I owe all of you a favor. and thanks to Jason Miller and Paul Cheney for shooting all the great pics

Below are some pics and links from the dinner.  Thanks to all the guests that supported McCrady’s and chef Richard Blais!


2 thoughts on “The Richard Blais Dinner

  1. Maya Lovelace says:

    Most fun I’ve ever had shelling peanuts (for two hours)!! Any time help is needed, I’d love to come again and do whatever I can. It was a blast, and I’m glad everything turned out so well!!

  2. Two Chefs that Blog!…

    Over the Labor Day weekend, Chef Richard Blais of ‘Top Chef’ fame came to Charleston and teamed up with Chef Sean Brock of McCrady’s for an 11 course tasting dinner.  As is to be expected, several bloggers were on hand (myself includ…

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