Star Chefs 2008


September 17, 2008 by seanbrock


Just got back from the annual star chefs trip.  Trying to backtrack and reflect.  This is such an important trip.  It really gets the wheels turnin.  I filled up an entire moleskine notebook full of ideas and thoughts.  Not only do you get to eat great meals and see great demos, you get to catch up with old friends and also make new ones.  There are two events that I look forward to all year………the sfa symposium and starchefs.  Here are some highlights:

*deskside meetings with great magazines, meeting some of the countries best food writers

*checking out Paul Liebrandt’s gorgeous new restaurant, meeting and hanging out with his staff

*lunch at blue smoke

*a wonderful tasting menu at gramercy tavern (including some awesome charcuterie)

*a really, really tasty meal at ssam bar with tyler brown, c3po and lauren

* the entire dessert menu at tailor and several tastings of various flavored bourbons (which were life changing!)

*a sublet apartment in harlem full of incredibly passionate chefs



*congratulating Jeff Wright on his new responsibilities

*a yankees game

*heston’s demo, meeting renee redzepi, seeing johnny i., george mendes, julian alonzo, and ideas in food.

*the marco-bourdain panel, grant’s response to that panel, wylie talkin about creativity, charlie talkin about giving, morimoto conquering a whole japanese monkfish, chef seaver talking about responsibility

*pork slap beer and great food at noodle bar with my cvap friends jill and howard and my atlanta boys phil and andy


*watching asbel do his thing in ny!

*seeing anne quatranno

*meeting the saffron king

*drinking free stella and woodford during the entire congress

*the product fair (especialy meeting the guys from vita prep)

*eben’s drink called the waylon (which is hands down the best drink that I have ever experienced)

*late night chef’s party in a weird part of china town followed by an incredible round table discussion back at the appartment featuring food from ny noodletown and a bottle of bourbon and some of the best laughing I’ve done in months

*hanging out with all the guys from green olive and jason from comfort

*spending time and laughing with my dear friend Tyler Brown

*Seeing Winburn and Chris soak in NYC for the first time

*meeting many, many very nice people who read the blog, thank you for the kind words

*norman van aken’s question to marco pierre white

*marco pierre white, period

*my best wd-50 meal, chicken liver spaetlze is mindblowing btw

*street food in little italy

*shopping at bowery’s restaurant supply stores

*randomly running into david kinch, a chef I admire greatly

*eating slow roasted iberico pig backstage with andy carson, phil bey, tyler brown, david arnold and george mendes

*seeing bradford thompson’s new kitchen and attending a wonderful party at lever house (full of delicious pork products)

*a conversation with paul kahan about his new place

*micheal laiskonis and his brilliance

*the charcuterie demo by daniel

*meeting spike from woodberry

*jordi butron’s philosophy on creating

*realizing I am taller than joan roca

*seeing people being introduced to the brilliance of restaurant noma

*catching up with john sconzo

*randomly running into my friends sara and andy from blackberry farm at tailor after I had recommeded they check it out during the beard awards

*hanging out with ashley and shelley from nashvegas

*seeing my friend kosta

*watching a cabbie pee in a water bottle before taking us in his cab

*chef andy carson being a walking billboard for McCrady’s via a ball cap

*saying hello to patrick sheerin

*finally meeting chadzilla and his team

*eating lunch by jose and katsuya

wow, that’s alot of great things.  I look forward to next year…see ya there

please pardon the typos, I am very sleepy


8 thoughts on “Star Chefs 2008

  1. pat sheerin says:


    Always a pleasure to see you. Free stella and woodford is such a wonderfully dangerous thing. Lot of highlights on your list I’m sure are shared by a lot of people.

    talk to you soon.


  2. george m says:


    you rock bro……….. good times !!
    see you real soon

  3. Chris says:

    Sean… It was great to see you and all the McCrady’s guys at StarChefs. I had an amazing summer and it started with 10 days at McCrady’s and ended with StarChefs. Cheers to you guys and hope to see you again soon! Best… Chris

  4. asbel says:

    whats my thing? i really had fun bro. glad you were there. now you see how i do in NYC. let me know when’s oysterfest

  5. ashley says:


  6. DeWayne says:

    Chicken live spaetzle. In Ste. Genevieve MO (where I am from and to my knowledge the homeplace of said dish) the spaetzle are made with either chicken or pork liver or both. Personally I like them made with lamb liver with tarragon, creme fraiche, and pretty sweet cherries. Also, knowing how WD does his gig, the Ste. Gen version is an actual spaetzle, not a reinvention.

  7. Frodnesor says:

    “*norman van aken’s question to marco pierre white”

    (for those of not there) which was what?

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