Bacon Flavored Bourbon


October 30, 2008 by seanbrock

My two favorite things in one glass…..


4 thoughts on “Bacon Flavored Bourbon

  1. you have no idea how much i laughed after i saw this… i think the same thing every day… neither of them can be topped ever keep it up

  2. Jeffrey says:

    OMG where do I get this? Please say its in a still behind your house!!

  3. Bourbon and bacon… really makes me miss working with the Lush Life boys.

    I had a dessert (bread pudding, flavors of old fashioned) on a previous menu that had bourbon ice cream and candied pancetta.

    I used to call the dish “the Jerry Slater”… I don’t think people realized i was serious with that nickname.

  4. Andrew says:

    I have heard of it being done with vodka but not bourbon. My friend and I were talking about making a layered drink with a tomato vodka, lettuce/arugala vodka, and bacon vodka perhaps with some glycerin to change the densities so it will layer properly.

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