The Town House Dinner

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November 17, 2008 by seanbrock

Please join us in welcoming John B. Shields and Karen Urie to Mccrady’s on December 7th for a guest chef dinner.  This dinner is going to be so much fun.  These chefs are cooking some of the most creative food I have seen in some time.  And the best part is that they are doing it in my home state of Virginia.  You don’t want to miss this, these chefs are awesome.  This dinner will be a collaboration, they will cook the blunt of the dinner and we’ll throw in a couple of courses in between.  The theme of the beverage pairings is “bubbles”……the dinner is 65 and the beverage pairing is 35.  don’t miss these super creative, super passionate chefs, John is an alumni of Alinea and Karie is an alumni of Charlie Trotter’s.  Please help me in welcoming them to Charleston, this dinner will be a blast.  check out their blog, the food is sick!! check out the pics below


email me for reservations or call the restaurant at 8435770025




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