Curing then Cooking


January 14, 2009 by seanbrock


We cure alot of meat at the restaurant.  It goes without saying that we really enjoy it.  Curing has really opened my mind to the capabilities of seasoning.  I have been asking myself why we only season the outside of our proteins.  Why not season the inside.  Yeah we brine alot of stuff for short periods of time to improve flavor, moisture and texture.  But why can’t we take it a little further.  Not much further, just a little.  This seems to be a very fine line. 

 Last year I had a really incredible meal at Blackbird restaurant in Chicago by Mike Sheerin.  It was late in the meal and I had a few glasses of wine so my memory is a little foggy (help me here if you can),……….mike served a rack of lamb that seemed to be cured in the style of corned beef and was then cooked sous vide, anyway it was outstanding and got me thinking about trying to find a balance between curing and seasoning.  We are still in the begininning stages and we aren’t totally happy with our results.  this will take a little time to perfect although I feel like this has alot of really great potential.  any ideas or thoughts???


the picture above is a pork loin cured lonzino style for 9 days and cooked sous vide at 55C for 2 hours.  It ended up more like deli ham and less like great roasted pork, maybe 3 days?

4 thoughts on “Curing then Cooking

  1. chefx says:

    you are my hero

  2. Vaughn says:

    We cure shortribs at the restaurant for 2 days with salt, sugar, smoked paprika and mustard seeds. We then quickly grill them, vacuum seal and cook for 30 hours at 64.5C. The texture is very similar to a really tender pastrami
    but they still flake apart like great sous vide shortribs should.

  3. ted says:

    we cure lamb shoulder on the bone (as an example) for 48 hrs with a 60/40 salt sugar ratio, rinse and cook sous vide at 60C for 36hrs. Great texture and flavour. Same technique works well with pork belly, shoulder etc…

  4. Did you inject with brine? or inject with anything?

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