Our First Country Ham


January 14, 2009 by seanbrock



it sure takes alot of patience to wait one year to taste something.

it was well worth the wait.

this ham came out really earthy, we didn’t add any sugar, just straight salt

we have 15 or so working right now and a pen full of pigs ready to be salted

photos by our friend david clark


One thought on “Our First Country Ham

  1. Tony Spagnoli says:

    I started playing around with dry aging and curing about 10 years ago when I was at a small one man kitchen in the Adams Morgan area of DC. I came to do this because I wasn’t happy with the flavor or texture of the proteins that I was purchasing. I started with lamb loins. I hung them in my walk-in for about 7 days. The results were promising and my customers really liked the deeper flavor. So I went onto beef striploins and had wonderful success with that.
    I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff but it’s hard to find the time for. And yes, I agree, it is hard to wait for something. You want to keep checking on it and it’s hard not to touch it. The anticipation can be overwhelming! Great pics.

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