January 29, 2009 by seanbrock


I need to spend a little more time thinking about this particular hydrocolloid.  I think there might be some different possibilties in the “hot gel” catagory.  It seems to need the help of some other food gums to provide a little more heat stability.  I love the texture of the gel, it just won’t get as hot as I would like.  Methocel seems to be the obvious answer, it should hold the water inside the gel….this would allow for the puree (in this case onion) to be molded into a sphere and held on the station.  Then it could be popped into an oven or a water bath to heat for plate up…..or maybe a microwave


6 thoughts on “Carrageenan

  1. davidquintana says:

    I used xanthan/iota/kappa to make spheres…i warmed them up slightly..I dont know how hot you want to get… but it cut like flan… xanthan helps with water leakage in vegetable puree’s

  2. plinio says:

    you can heat up any spheres that are done in reverse sferification.

    at textile we have smoked whiskey and prune spheres that go with our foies gras dish.

    the spheres are place in hot water 3 minutes before the dish goes out.

  3. ubergrub says:

    Loving.. Loving your blog!!

  4. Fermin says:

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  5. joshuahenrysmith says:

    chef….where are you???? hope to see you in chilhowie

  6. Steve says:

    Sean, Very inspiring work. Where can I find molds like that?

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