Alright, I’m back


March 16, 2009 by seanbrock

sorry for the delay in posts

for a little while I decided that I wasn’t going to blog anymore

then I changed my mind….

i will try and catch up with where I left off….this is gonna be difficult but I will do my best, thanks for checkin out the blog, here we go again!!


7 thoughts on “Alright, I’m back

  1. Chris says:

    Glad you changed your mind… hope springtime brings you some amazing food… I’m positive it will.,.. hope to see you guys soon… Chris

  2. baarschers says:

    Chef Brock
    you were deeply missed. I have been a fan of yours ever since a couple of my co workers (Damon Campbell and Kristen Eligh) did a stage at you restaurant.
    You are an inspiration in our competitive industry. You inspired me so much I have started my own blog.
    You are a Chefs Chef.
    Thanks a bunch for continuing to blog.

  3. Mike says:

    Please do not stop blogging!!!
    What you write about fuels the conversation of many cooks in Chicago.
    Keep on keepin on
    – a cook in Chicago

  4. chefx says:

    glad to have you back.

  5. ron mendoza says:

    thanks for coming back. your passion is inspiring.

  6. Finally!
    You have been missed chef.

    Sidenote: I finally got to hear the chocolate phone story the other night from Richards, among with a few other stories.
    Looks like you guys manage to have more laughs than most of us!

    Best wishes on the return to blogging.

  7. jrdestes says:

    Thank Gosh! I was starting to get worried. Definetly keep the blog rolling, a lot of us guys down here in Houston check it out! Charleston is tough to get to with one day off! Thanks.

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