Being A Pig Farmer


March 16, 2009 by seanbrock



Well, raising pigs is real easy until it’s time to get them into a really small trailer after they are used to roaming freely on 6 acres of wadmalaw’s finest……we tried everything you could imagine, funyins, fruit loops, milk, corn, cheetohs….they just knew what was going on and had no desire to go near the trailor…being  out smarted by a pig is quite humbling….but we had the last laugh.. thanks to zac, mr. thackeray, sniff and rita for their help



2 thoughts on “Being A Pig Farmer

  1. Doug says:

    Even Funions didn’t work? I’m out of ideas.

  2. Graham says:

    When I was in school there was a biochemistry company that had engineered pigs to produce a milk with therapeutic benefit. The only problem was milking the pig. Supposedly a bunch of guys with PhD’s had tried to milk the pigs but had no success. One of the farm hands syas”those pigs sure do like my doritos”…10 or so bags of doritos later they had successfully milked the pig.

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