Just Picked


March 17, 2009 by seanbrock


The aroma that is released from turnips when they are pulled from the ground is one of my favorite things about growing food.  Gotta figure out how to let the guests experience it!

2 thoughts on “Just Picked

  1. I had this idea to build a restaurant with a glass ceiling, and the 2nd floor is a very dense garden. So you can eat and look up and see the farmers working in the greenhouse overhead. I guess you could give the guests a pair of gloves and they could go up and pick their own. And then send them via pneumatic tube to the kitchen.

  2. ann says:

    You might want to try growing them in a polymer (water retaining polymer) and then quick freeze the polymer…should make it turn into a dry powder, leaving the rootlets undisturbed…that’s where the scent is coming from.

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