Birch smoke


April 8, 2009 by seanbrock


I travel alot and get to eat at some incredible restaurants.  recently I was eating at one of my favorite restaurants in america and had some smoked lardo that was part of a charcuterie plate.  it was one of those moments where you say to yourself…shit, i should have thought of that a long time ago…so I was pumped up to do it when i got back because we have  a ton of lardo from our pigs…we were out of wood chips but had some birch bark….birch smoked lardo is pretty damn tasty..the restaurant was holeman and finch in atlanta….go eat there and make sure you are there at 10 pm for the best cheeseburger to ever exist

One thought on “Birch smoke

  1. Jeremiah Weston says:

    hey sean i am lucky enough to have a girlfriend who works in atlanta and we go to h&f all the time. i think that the restaurant is awesome and you are right it is the best cheeseburger ever.

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