A New Egg Dish

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November 29, 2009 by seanbrock

A couple of days ago we added a new egg dish to our tasting menu.  Inspired by drunken-late nights at the waffle house.  This dish requires us to cook the eggs in the shell during service.  We used to cook them before service and chill them, reheating them on pickup.  We have finally figured out a way to cook them to order.  It just requires a few timers and a little organization.  Last night 20 percent of our guest ordered the 7 course tasting menu, so I got lots of practice :)…

the numbers written on the eggs are the table numbers, the timers get labeled with the table number and the eggs get dropped into the circulator 14 minutes out

The dish consists of:

Fried Sous Vide Jowl, Hot Sauce Buerre Monte, Blis Maple, Potato, Raw Scallion, Braised Scallion, Charred Scallion, Burnt Scallion Powder, Maple Smoke Tableside.


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