this acts as a digital notebook and a means of comminication for the team at McCrady’s restaurant in Charleston, SC…this was started one month after I started at McCrady’s in april of 2006…enjoy

11 thoughts on “About

  1. chefx says:

    did you enjoy the montana morels i left for you in march…?

    chef pat

    bozeman, mt

  2. chadzilla says:

    The ‘new look’ is very friendly. It’s an inspiring and humbling thing to put your trials and errors before the world in this format. Always exciting to see what ideas you are throwing on the table.
    Thank you for taking the time to keep this thing going.

  3. sam diminich says:

    hope you are well, my wife and I enjoyed a great meal back in March, we are from charlotte and I am the chef de cuisine @ Arpa Tapas and Wine bar
    thanks for the inspiration

  4. hey sean,
    do you find that you want to manipulate food less now that you have been growing your own produce and raising the pigs?

  5. bestbyfarr says:

    Great blog, we share the same passions. I definitely plan on making a trip out to your restaurant. See you soon in Charleston… let me know if you make it out to San Francisco.

  6. Cary Taylor says:

    Chef Brock – Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the past few years. As a southerner myself, I truly appreciate seeing what you are doing with the native farming and appreciation for the heritage of the regional cuisine. I’m hoping to make it to Charleston soon to dine and hopefully cook with you. Keep up the great work and please keep posting the great pics. They are very inspirational and I love showing them to my young cooks who are interested in the “molecular” and “locavore” movements.

    I also wanted to discuss a few techniques and products with you, especially the red corn and farro verde. If you get a free moment, please email me @ carystaylor@hotmail.com. Thanks for your time.


    Cary Taylor
    Executive Chef
    The Restaurant at Chaise Lounge

  7. scott malloy says:

    I love reading your blog and check for updates atleast once a week. I enjoyed meeting you last year at the Share Our Strength event at the hotel. I will be traveling to South Carolina with my fiance for a week soon and have planned to stop in at McCrady’s atleast once for dinner. Will chack back soon for updates.

    Happy cooking,

  8. Martha Tate says:

    Dear Sean, I produce A Gardener’s Diary on HGTV, and am gathering material for a new show about growing food gardens. Yours is my dream! It would make such a good story. Is there a time I can call to talk to you? Someone from Slow Foods Charleston gave me your Web site. I have talked with another chef there who is starting a garden on Sullivan’s Island, but that would be for later.
    My heart is beating so hard over this wonderful story and all the vegetables you grow (the straight carrots!). Thank you if you have time to send me an e-mail with a way and time to contact you. Thanks so much. Martha Tate (in Atlanta)

  9. headed over your way to eat in about 10 days. beyond excited!!!!

  10. Bravo! Very wise move and “hip” way to pass along a daily log. We used to leave something like this, except written. Our dining room managers left one for the next shift and the kitchen managers would do the same thing. This format is perfect for that.

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